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Do you know what causes and how to treat sagging body?
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What causes body flaccidity?

From the age of 30, the human body undergoes a natural aging process of the cells responsible for producing the elements that provide support and elasticity to the skin. It is estimated that, at the age of 50, the body produces only 35 to 40% of the collagen and elastin needed to make the skin firm and elastic.

In addition to this natural process, some external factors can also accelerate skin aging, leading to the appearance of flaccidity. Some examples of these factors are: excessive sun exposure, lack of sleep, pollution, smoking and low water intake. A sedentary lifestyle is also a factor to take into account because the decrease in muscle mass, due to the lack of physical activity, also contributes to body flaccidity.

The types of body flaccidity that bother the most are:

flaccidity in the buttocks
flaccidity in the lower part of the arms
flaccidity in the inner thighs
flaccidity in the abdominal area
flaccidity in the chest
flaccidity in the hands

How to treat body flaccidity?

Nowadays there are a number of surgical and non-surgical treatments for flaccidity, both with excellent results. However, one must realize that in cases of very high flaccidity, aesthetic treatments may no longer have effective results. This is because the cells that produce the elements responsible for skin firmness are already in an advanced stage of aging, responding less effectively to aesthetic treatments. In these cases, the most indicated solution may be plastic surgery.

In cases of mild or moderate sagging, the solution can be aesthetic treatments or aesthetic medicine whose purpose is to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and recover muscle tone.

For very advanced flaccidity, surgical treatments are recommended through which excess skin is removed and muscles are restructured, as is the case with abdominoplasty.

Find out which are the most suitable treatments and surgeries to treat body flaccidity:

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Abdominoplasty: Plastic surgery aimed at correcting aesthetic aspects of the abdomen

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Augmentation Mammoplasty: Breast augmentation surgery

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Brachioplasty: Plastic surgery aimed at correcting flaccidity in the arms

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Gluteoplasty: Plastic surgery aimed at improving the contour of the buttocks

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Cruroplasty or Thigh Lift: Plastic surgery aimed at correcting unwanted aspects of the thighs

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Mastopexy: Plastic surgery designed to promote a breast lifting effect

Aesthetic medicine
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Ultraformer III: The treatment that treats sagging in a non-invasive way

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VelaShape III: The ideal treatment for flaccidity, localized fat and cellulite

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Lanluma corporal: o tratamento que reduz a flacidez corporal sem cirurgia

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Glute Sculpt Lanluma: o tratamento que define os glúteos sem cirurgia

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