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double chin

Do you know what causes and how to treat a double chin?
Find out in this article.

What causes double chin or double chin?

To understand the cause, it is necessary to understand what type of double chin is, as there are three types caused either by excess fat, sagging or a combination of these two factors. The fat located in the jowls may be due to excess weight or genetic issues in which there is muscle and skin flaccidity that leads to the accumulation of fat in that area.

The natural aging process or weight loss causes sagging and the appearance of jowls. Finally, we have the double chin caused by the combination of the two factors, that is, excess fat and sagging. In these cases, excess fat causes even more sagging due to weight, making the double chin more accentuated.

How to eliminate the papacy?

The treatment for jowls will depend a lot on the type of jowls you have. For example, in a double chin caused by fat accumulation, procedures are indicated whose objective is to eliminate localized fat, such as Liposuction or Belkyra. In the case of jowls caused by sagging, treatments will be indicated to promote more firmness of the skin, such as Radiofrequency, Ultraformer III, Tensor Wires or a Lifting. In the case of double chin caused by the association of the two factors, the doctor will indicate combined procedures.

Find out which are the most suitable treatments and surgeries to eliminate jowls:

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Liposuction: Plastic surgery aimed at suctioning localized fat

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Facial Lifting: Plastic surgery for facial rejuvenation

Aesthetic medicine
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Belkyra: The treatment that eliminates double chin without surgery

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Ultraformer III: The treatment that treats sagging in a non-invasive way

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Tensor Threads: The treatment that recovers the facial structure

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Radiofrequency: the treatment that recovers the skin’s vitality through biostimulation

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