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Excess breast

Do you know what causes and how to treat excess breast volume?
Find out how to treat it in this article.

What causes excess breast volume?

Breast hypertrophy, popularly known as breast excess, or excess breast volume, is a very common dysfunction among women. In most cases, mammary hypertrophy occurs during puberty, but it can occur at any other stage of a woman’s life, such as menopause.

Excessive breast enlargement can occur for several reasons, the most common being: genetic issues, obesity, hormonal changes, glandular disorders, pregnancy, menopause and diabetes. Some cases can be reversed naturally, with diets or medication, but there are cases in which the solution is surgery.

Hypertrophy can be classified into four degrees: mild, moderate, severe and gigantomastia. In all degrees, breast augmentation can cause discomfort, and from the second degree onwards it can cause quite serious problems, such as back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. Therefore, in many cases, breast reduction surgery ceases to be an aesthetic issue and becomes a health issue.

How to treat excessive breast enlargement?

In the case of breast hypertrophy caused by obesity or hormonal changes, you should first consult a nutritionist and an endocrinologist to try to reverse the dysfunction with less invasive methods. In cases of genetic issues, the most appropriate solution is breast reduction.

After a detailed assessment on a case-by-case basis, the physician will indicate the most appropriate surgical technique for each patient. Most of the time, a simple breast reduction is done. However, when there is excess breast tissue associated with sagging skin, a Mastopexy may be performed . In this case, it will be necessary to promote a lifting effect that can be complemented by placing implants.

Find out which are the most suitable surgeries to treat excess breast volume: 

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Reduction mammoplasty: Plastic surgery aimed at reducing excessive breast volume

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