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Do you know what causes and how to treat facial wrinkles?
Find out in this article.

What causes facial wrinkles?

Wrinkles typically begin to appear around age 30 and are caused by the aging process. As we get older, the human body begins to lose the ability to replicate the elements that provide support and elasticity to the skin, such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The repetitive movement of the muscles of the face, combined with the low suppleness of the skin, causes marks that we call wrinkles.

Some external factors – such as sun exposure, pollution, lack of sleep or lack of hydration – further accelerate this skin aging process, making wrinkles even more evident in a shorter period of time. Therefore, healthy habits are the first step to prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles.

There are two types of wrinkles: dynamic and static. Dynamic wrinkles are those that are visible only when the facial muscles are contracted. They are wrinkles in less advanced stages that appear in younger people. Static wrinkles, on the other hand, are visible even when the facial muscles are at rest, that is, they are deeper and more marked wrinkles. Both types of wrinkles can be treated effectively provided the proper technique is applied.

Main types of dynamic wrinkles:
Expression wrinkles on the forehead (initial phase)
Crow’s feet wrinkles (initial phase)
Expression wrinkles between the eyebrows (initial phase)
Chinese mustache (initial phase)

Main types of static wrinkles:
Puppet lines
Code Chinese mustache
(advanced stage)
Forehead wrinkles (advanced stage)
Crow’s feet wrinkles (advanced stage)
Expression wrinkles between the eyebrows (advanced stage)


How to treat facial wrinkles?

First you need to realize that there are several levels of facial aging. In milder stages of aging, wrinkles can be treated and reversed with aesthetic medicine treatments. In cases of more advanced aging, the most appropriate treatment will be plastic surgery, in this case the Face Lift.

When it comes to dynamic wrinkles, Botox treatment is generally indicated to block the impulse and temporarily decrease muscle contraction by reducing muscle movements and consequently even out the skin. However, Botox can only be applied to certain areas of the face and, therefore, these wrinkles can also be treated with Hyaluronic Acid, Ultraformer III, among others.

Static wrinkles can also be treated with botox in order to prevent them from becoming even more marked. However, static wrinkles will always need a combination treatment to fill or smooth them out. This can be done with hyaluronic acid or with biostimulators.

In both cases there may be an indication for biostimulators since, when applied to the skin, they will stimulate cells to produce more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. With this, a general rejuvenating effect is achieved on the face, as the skin begins to gain more elasticity and structure.

Find out which treatments and surgeries are most suitable for treating facial wrinkles:

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Facial Lifting: Plastic surgery for facial rejuvenation

Aesthetic medicine
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Botox: The treatment for expression wrinkles

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Sculptra Liquid Facelift: the recipe for forever youthful skin

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Ultralift: The treatment that recovers the natural features of youth

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Filler with hyaluronic acid: A treatment that treats wrinkles and reshapes the face

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Tensor Threads: The treatment that recovers the facial structure

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Bio Nutri Lift: The treatment that prevents the signs of aging

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Ultraformer III: The treatment that treats sagging in a non-invasive way

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Peeling: A treatment that promotes skin rejuvenation

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Fotona 4D: The non-surgical face lift without injections

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SmoothEye: the treatment that promotes the uncut blepharoplasty effect

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