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Do you know what localized fat is and how to treat it?
Find out in this article.

What causes localized fat?

Localized fat is simply an accumulation of calories in the form of fat. That is, when you ingest a quantity of calories greater than those necessary for the daily expenditure of the organism, the body stores these calories in the adipose cells as an energy source. That’s why when we diet and practice physical exercise we lose fat from our body, since there are no “left over” calories to be stored in the form of fat.

However, why is it that even with proper nutrition and regular physical exercise, there are still areas of the body with localized fat? Because, in addition to excessive calorie intake, there are other factors that influence the accumulation of fat in specific areas, such as: hormonal issues, diseases, genetic predispositions, smoking, among others.

The main types of localized fat are:

Fat located on the thighs
Fat located on the abdomen
Fat located on the legs
Fat located on the flanks
Fat located on the back
Fat located on the knees
Fat located on the jowls
Fat located on the arms

How to eliminate localized fat?

In many cases, and especially in the abdominal area, localized fat can cause serious health problems such as: heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, among others. In addition, localized fat can impair self-esteem and well-being, impacting social life. In this sense, treating localized fat is no longer just a matter of aesthetics, but of health.

Nowadays there are several ways to treat localized fat, from surgeries to treatments, all of them with effective results. In surgical terms, in most cases, liposuction is indicated.

In aesthetic terms, there are treatments of aesthetic medicine and aesthetics, little or not at all invasive that promote a noticeable reduction of localized fat.

Find out which are the most suitable treatments and surgeries to eliminate localized fat:

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Liposuction: Plastic surgery aimed at suctioning localized fat

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Abdominoplasty: Plastic surgery aimed at correcting aesthetic aspects of the abdomen

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Liposculpture: Plastic surgery aimed at shaping the body

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Cruroplasty or Thigh Lift: Plastic surgery aimed at correcting unwanted aspects of the thighs

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Gynecomastia: Plastic surgery aimed at correcting male breast enlargement

Aesthetic medicine
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VelaShape III: The ideal treatment for flaccidity, localized fat and cellulite

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Belkyra: The treatment that eliminates double chin without surgery

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Ultraformer III: The treatment that treats sagging in a non-invasive way

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Criolipólise: o tratamento que elimina a gordura localizada de forma não invasiva

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Lymphatic Drainage: the procedure eliminates toxins and fluid retention from the body

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