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Do you know what causes them and how you can treat nasal irregularities?

What causes nasal irregularities?

Nasal irregularities, such as an overly large, crooked or asymmetrical nasal dorsum, may be related to several factors. In most cases, these irregularities are genetic and are considered simply unsightly. However, in some cases, they may be related to health issues such as deviated septum and rhinophyma . These conditions can cause nose deformities and even nasal obstruction.

There are also external factors that can cause changes in the nasal structure, most of which are related to nasal fractures caused by an accident.

How to treat nasal irregularities?

Nowadays there are nose reshaping techniques without surgery. These techniques consist of the application of hyaluronic acid in order to fill in areas with less volume, allowing the doctor to reshape the nose in the office. This procedure only corrects asymmetries and undesirable aesthetic aspects.

In cases of structural nose problems, the solution is plastic surgery, in this case, rhinoplasty. It is only through this surgical intervention that it is possible to restructure the nose in order to correct septal deviations and other related aspects, such as nasal obstruction.

Find out which are the most suitable treatments and surgeries to treat nasal asymmetries:

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Rhinoplasty: Plastic surgery of the nose

Aesthetic medicine
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Rhinomodelation: the non-surgical treatment of aesthetic aspects of the nose

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