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Lack of breast

Do you know what causes a lack of breast volume and how can you treat it?
Find out in this article.

What causes lack of breast volume (hypomastia)?

Typically, female breast growth begins during puberty and reaches its final stage of development between the ages of 17 and 18. This breast growth is related to female hormones, that is, estrogen and progesterone and, therefore, it is possible, during adolescence, to reverse hypomastia through hormonal treatments.

However, most cases of lack of breast volume or hypomastia are due to genetic issues. In these cases, although improvements can be seen with hormonal treatments, the breast may still not develop.

Hypomastia can also happen in cases of women who, due to breastfeeding or a weight loss process, have lost a lot of breast volume.

How to treat lack of chest?

The most effective way to treat hypomastia is through breast augmentation surgery. In this surgery, silicone breast implants of a size compatible with the patient’s goals and body structure are applied. In cases where, in addition to the lack of breast volume, there is also sagging, the indication may not be a breast augmentation, but a mastopexy with prostheses.

Find out which are the most suitable surgeries to treat lack of breast volume: 

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Augmentation Mammoplasty: Breast augmentation surgery

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Mastopexy: Plastic surgery designed to promote a breast lifting effect

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