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Lack of volume
in the glutes

Do you know what causes and how to treat lack of volume in the glutes and how?
Find out in this article.

What causes a lack of volume in the glutes?

The lack of volume in the glutes area can be caused by several factors. In most cases, it is a genetic issue, that is, you are born with a predisposition to have this characteristic. However, the lack of volume can also be associated with a decrease in local fat caused by the natural aging process or weight loss. It can also be related to congenital malformations or acquired by accidents, tumors or others.

How to treat the lack of volume in the glutes?

Nowadays there are at least three solutions for increasing volume in the glutes. These include both surgical and non-surgical solutions. Gluteoplasty is one of the most effective solutions. In this plastic surgery, gluteal prostheses are placed, in a technique similar to breast augmentation.

It is also possible to remodel the glutes through liposculpture. In this technique, fat is removed from some area of the body through liposuction. The fat will then be treated and reapplied to the glutes in order to give them more volume and remodel them.

Finally, there is still a non-surgical and less invasive solution. In this case, a powerful biostimulator, called Lanluma, exclusively developed for this area of the body, is applied to the glutes. This biostimulator, in addition to promoting an improvement in the texture and structure of the skin, will also promote more volume, but in a more subtle way.

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Liposculpture: Plastic surgery aimed at shaping the body

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