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Do you know what causes and how to treat vaginal sagging?
Find out how in this article.

What causes vaginal flaccidity?

With the natural aging process of the human body, the production of elements capable of keeping the skin and tissues firm decreases. Thus, the tissues of the pelvic floor – a muscular structure that supports the organs present in the pelvic cavity – begin to lose tone, which causes problems such as involuntary loss of urine, lack of sexual pleasure and even low self-esteem.

Although most cases of severe vaginal flaccidity are related to the natural aging process, some factors may contribute to its early appearance or worsening, such as lack of exercise in the pelvic floor muscles, smoking, consecutive natural deliveries and excessive increase in Weight.

How to treat vaginal flaccidity?

The most indicated and effective treatment is surgery. Known as colporrhaphy, vaginoplasty, or vaginal rejuvenation, this is plastic surgery designed to tighten the vagina. Through this surgery it is possible to reposition the vaginal muscles, giving more firmness to the canal and correcting possible irregularities of the vaginal walls.

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